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Highly Specialized IT Systems & Data Driven Solutions


Application Systems Services

We develop in-house & customized COTS application systems.

Herufi Technologies develops in-house application systems for clients based on their peculiar needs. We also deploy customized Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) application systems in scenarios where there are existing quality software solutions to address the needs of our highly esteemed clients.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

We perform high level data crunching.
 Herufi Technologies aggregates data collected from a myriad of databases and provides highly customized reports, infographics, screens and dashboards. We help in interpreting data by using relevant analytics tools and software e.g. Ms. Excel, R, MatLab, Machine Learning, Tableau, SPSS and many other in-house, commercial and open source applications..

Network & Infrastructure

We interconnect network devices in dispersed locations.
Herufi Technologies leverages on the latest computer and network technologies to interconnect devices across dispersed locations. We apply a variety of tools and technologies to improve efficiency of your communication process. This include design and setup of LAN, WAN, Server Installations, IP Telephony, Security & CCTV System etc.

IT Audit & Consultancy Services

We provide in depth IT reviews and assurance services
Herufi Technologies delivers full-range IT audit and consulting services to assist organizations relying heavily on IT applications and automated systems in their day-to-day operations. We provide independent and professional reviews of clients’ business processes, IT assets and infrastructure and to provide quality counsel to the management.


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